Give your sales representatives sales force mobility

Increase sales productivity and operational efficiency with the sales force automation platform


Get eTIMS complaint with Sales Force Automation Kenya

Generate VAT compliant invoices for all your sales.


Monitor your business's performance at a glance

Understand your sales, payments, top selling products, top customers and much more.
General accounting ledgers such as chart of accounts, trial balance, cashflow statements and income statements.
Gain line of sight of purchase orders, sales orders and quotations.
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Know your cash collections landscape

Keep track of your collections, issue credit notes and perform bulk collections.
Perform accurate payment reconciliations for all your payment channels.
Consolidated customer information and accurate statements.
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Improve your stock control measures

Accurately capture your inventory stock count across all your product types.
Tiered pricing to cater for all your different customer types.
Implement just-in-time inventory management with automated out of stock notifications.
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Business mobile messaging in the cloud

Automated targeted SMS messages with ease via cloudmessage addon.
Notify customers of dispatched orders, canceled orders and delivery progress.
Send Tailor made messages based on filters such as routes or balances to customers, suppliers, staff and more.
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Dispatch orders in realtime to your customers

Dispatch orders, allocate drivers and trucks using routes for better delivery.
Handle the entire process from order placement to delivery conveniently in a single location.
Improve customer support by offering real time alerts on order dispatch.
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Requisition products on stock out or low stock level

Empower your dispatchers to requisition orders on low stock level or stock out.
Work on purchase requisitions, make alterations where needed.
Convert purchase requisitions to local purchase orders once approved.
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Make informed decisions through accurate reporting

Daily sales report with visibility of total sales volume per cash and invoice transactions.
Dispatch report with visibility of dispatched and pending orders.
Get end of day reports emailed to you every morning with all the insights you need to plan your sales.
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Streamlined sales force automation with GPS intelligence

Automatically track GPS location of every sales representative.
Verify sales reps attendance, market coverage & adherence to visit plan.
Capture location & complete profiling data of every customer in your sales network.
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Mobile app configured in a manner to mirror a day in the life of sales rep

Easy setup process, just provide your portal url, login credentials and begin selling.
Enable sales reps to work online or offline with very little data consumption.
Run end to end route-to-market strategy including order generation, collection, tracking and more.
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We Cater to Various Industries

We have several years of experience in different industries and markets. Every industry has different technological requirements which we address by developing custom and customer centric solutions to increase competitiveness for success in the digital age.


Operating your business has never been easier.

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