As technology advances and consumers become more empowered, their expectations are evolving rapidly. This necessitates the real-time collection of consumer data, particularly at the retail level. Additionally, achieving success in any business hinges on anticipating consumer trends and promptly making well-informed decisions to adapt to the constantly shifting demands of the market.

With these evolving consumer trends, It is important for any business in Kenya to ask themselves this important question: What is the optimal utilization of sales teams’ time? 

If your response deviates from “engaging in active sales activities,” then you may need to reassess your approach. Surprisingly, many teams do not prioritise selling as their main focus. According to several studies, sales representatives dedicate merely around one-third of their day to actual selling. A substantial portion, 21%, is allocated to emails and Whatsapp conversations, while 17% is consumed by data entry tasks. Internal meetings and calls each absorb 12% of their time.

That means it’s really important that your sales reps’ days are optimized for efficiency and focused more to selling. To ensure that sales teams actually have time to sell we need to give them the right sales automation tool. This tool should provide information at their fingertips while on the go, online or offline. This is Exactly what Sales Force Automation Kenya seeks to do.  Sales force automation (SFA) is technology that automates business processes and tasks in sales and subsequent customer servicing.

We increase your operational efficiency by automating this key aspects of your business:

  1. Accounting: Easily create orders from the office, field via the SFA Mobile app, van sales and perform all accounting functions on an easy to use interface.
  2. Payments Reconciliation: Know your cash collections landscape in realtime. Reconcile payments from all your payment verticals.
  3. Marketing: Communicate in real time via an intuitive interface that allows you to reach customers, suppliers, employees and custom audiences.
  4. Inventory management: View real time inventory statics for your onsite inventory or your van sales inventory. 
  5. Dispatch: Dispatch your order in record time.Customers and field reps are also updated in real time as their orders are worked on till they are dispatched, including the vehicle details.
  6. Procurement: Requisition products on stock out or low stock level. Raise LPOs and have them approved quickly for suppliers to top up stock.
  7. Mobility: Allow your team field team to work from anywhere with our mobile app.
  8. Customer Convenience: Allow customers to place orders for themselves, freeing Sales reps so they can focus more on discovering more markets.


This post culminates the advantages of sales force automation with a detailed perspective on the top 8 features your company will benefit from our  SFA software. By requesting a demo, you are taking the first step to make your business capable of handling multiple tasks, account management, sales management, procurement, dispatch, event tracking, and control all the activities of your teams right from where you are with minimal human effort. In short, you can reduce the efforts on redundant tasks and focus more on increasing the conversion rate.

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